Some Reasons e5 Men Decided to Fast

“My wife is worth the sacrifice”

“To be the husband God has called me to be”

“To become more dear to Jesus”

“To support my wife as a Man of God”

“Pray for friends”

“To imitate Christ by sacrificing for my wife”

“For my wife and to strengthen my faith in Jesus”

“Needs to be done”

“I love my wife!”

“To honor my wife before Christ”

“To be able to be a better husband and father”

“My name is warrior!”

“I believe this is of the Lord”

“I truly believe in Ephesians 5!”

“I’ve got an awesome wife.”

“To express my gratitude to God for my loving wife”

“Want to change my marriage and be help in the church”

“I want to reconstruct my marriage”

“Time to man up for my wife”

“To help women know their amazing value and beauty”

“God is revamping me to be a warrior for my wife”

“To pray for healing for my wife”

“I have a difficult time fasting”

“Iron sharpens iron”

“Accountability and Spiritual Encouragement”

“I want to fast on every Wednesday for my wife”

“I love to be obedient to God's’s word”

“For my future wife and women everywhere”

“To fast for my future bride”

“To get closer to God and help stop addiction”

“Care for women”

“I want to lift up my wife and family to God”

“To learn to be a better boyfriend”

“For more spiritual growth”

“My heart breaks for other people’s broken relations”

“Love God, love my girlfriend”

“As a catalyst to pray for my wife and daughter”

“I need to work on my relationship with my wife”

“Because women deserve it”

“I’d like to fast for my prospective wife”

“To follow Jesus’ example and become a true man.”

“I’m a college campus minister. Enough said.”

“Present for wife, also for me.”

“Because I am repenting of my sins”

“I love her and she needs my support”

“For my fiancee for healing in her life.”

“A reminder to love my wife like Christ”

“To help my wife overall”

“To honor the women in my life”

“I love my wife and want to do this for her.”

“To do more to sacrifice”

“To become closer to my wife”

“To cement my marriage”

“To offer up my sufferings in reparation for my sins”

“Celebrate my life in Christ with my wife”

“Save my marriage”

“For the Love of my Future Bride”

“To explore ways in showing my love for my wife”

“to gain discipline over my body for my future girl”

“For penance and my future spouse”

“To help build my wife spiritually”

“Wife encouraged us to do it together”

“To support my wife in her daily life”

“To make me the best I can be for who needs me”

“To become closer to Christ, and grace for my wife”

“I have Ephesians 5:25 inscribed on my wedding band”

“I need to increase my purity and chastity for God”

“To be more selfless toward my wife.”

“Continued growth in faith and pursuit of my vocation”

“To heal from infidelity”

“I need chastity and purity weapons”

“To add another dimension to my spiritual life”

“To strengthen my marriage and faithfulness”

“It might help my spiritual life get back on track”

“Renew my mind and refresh my spirit”

“To purify myself for my wife”

“Follow Joseph’s example in protecting Mary”